Quality Promised

Its dedicated 65km of rail spur connects Sharyn Gol JSC to Trans-Mongolian Railway, which then connects to the great Trans-Siberian Railway. This strengthens Sharyn Gol JSC’s future exporting possibilities to Russia and China and furthermore becoming a favorable player in local coal exporting company.

  • In October 2010, Russian Railways launched a rail freight service from Mongolia to the Russian fast east ports.
  • Russian Railway announced a 52% discount on freight tariffs for Mongolian coal travelling through Russia (8th Nov 2010)
  • Access to East Asian markets: Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and Southern China.

Competitive Advantage

New drilling program commenced in 2011 – JORC Standard. The drilling consisted of 24 cored holes from 1528.20 and 25 open holes for 2,170 m in the South West Area and 49 open holes for 6,838m in the Satellite Area.

Total resources – 324 Mt

  • 168 Mt measured
  • 73 Mt indicated
  • 83 Mt inferred

Additional Resource 24 Mt in existing pit. Low stripping ratio.

Trusted coal supplier for 50 years

Sharyn Gol JSC is one of the first open-pit mine and to become a trusted coal supplier to Northern region of the country. Since its establishment, the company has been proudly supplying thermal coal to and keeping the lights on in 2nd and 3rd biggest cities of the country.

Country’s growing demand of energy and coal based products pushes the company to increase its production rate. The railroad development program initiated by Mongolian government is an opportunity for Sharyn Gol JSC to diversify its customer portfolio. Current production is 0.8 Mtpa ROM and 1.2 Mtpa is expected in 2014 and planned to expand to 2.5 Mtpa. The company has a history of producing 2.5 Mtpa from 1975 to 1983.

Back to the Pride

Firebird Management holds 70.84% of the company’s total share, and introduction of new management team has opened another milestone era to the mine. Since 2010, investment worth 16.0 Million USD has been put into mine’s development program and expected to increase in coming years. Following actions has been taken and more are planned and under progress:

  • Mine development and exploration program – 12.7 Billion MNT
    • Full scale drilling program – JORC program
  • Business Development – 8.1 Billion MNT
    • Wash Plant and Naco Fuel JSC Acquisition
  • Fleet Innovation Program – 4.3 Billion MNT
    • 8 new 65t Komatsu 65 dumpers for over burden removal
    • 6 new Nord Benz coal trucks
    • 1 new Sandvik blasting drill
    • 2 new Doosan excavators of 35t and 70t size
    • 3 new Doosan Articulated Truck
    • New Caterpillar D9 bulldozer
    • Refurbishment of existing dragline and rope shovel fleet
    • New Locomotive purchased due to production increase