Human Resources Policy

Human resource policy of “Sharyn Gol“Jsc and its purpose is to regulate activities in relation with the human resource such as creating a fair, equal and positive environment; determining and planning company’s HR needs; studying, selecting and appointing employees, train employees and assess their performance and encourage them and select employees to succeed in order to maintain stable activity of senior and professional employees and to interchange employees based on the company’s mission and strategic planning. Employees are the key to the company’s success and we get the satisfaction and the opportunity to grow strong by improving and developing our employees’ skills and talent.

The main purpose of human resource management of SharynGol Jsc is to discover and develop each and every employee’s talent and capacity; evoke our staff to be creative and ambitious; create an environment and condition for employees to have desire to fulfill their goals for the company; win skillful and professionals employees; retain our employees and discover employee’s skill and make good use of their skills.

We will stick to the strategy to create competitive personnel and develop their skill by performing an operation toward our staff by using the methodology of human resource management pursuant to the mission of “SharynGol” Jsc.

Following human resource tasks need to be implemented in order to achieve above strategy:

  • Human resource team: they’ll work as a bridge making connection between employees and the company.
  • The most effective investment is to regularly train our staff. We will involve our employees in required and necessary training courses according to the training schedule and help them achieve the skill to be productive and effective.
  • We have people of all ages working at our company and we do not discriminate on the basis of sex, ethnicity and social position.
  • Internal regulations and collective agreements of the company shall be open to all employees and laws and regulations on labor relations shall be followed.
  • One of the important things is the employee employer relationship and their ability to understand each other.
  • We try to promote from within which is the most cost effective and effective way to recruit and we prepare skillful and competent stuff
  • We will provide our staff with safe, convenient and productive workplace and we will work to create pleasant and friendly atmosphere for our staff.