How can this be a bad thing?

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Heel strikes roll your feet from the heel to the balls of your feet then off your toes. This is ideal for walking, but it keeps your foot on the ground too long for sprinting. Another option is toe striking, which keeps you moving fast but may cause calf injuries or discomfort..

After years of waiting, Amazon’s Echo finally arrived in the UK just in time for Christmas. It’s a smart little speaker that’s packed with microphones, and features a built in personal assistant that can respond to anything you tell it. That all sounds a little complicated but the Echo is in fact stunningly simple: in short, it’s a speaker that you can just ask to play any song you want through Spotify or Amazon’s own streaming service and which can also help you out with the cooking or shopping by ordering things for you online, for example.

It is important that he understands ‘stranger danger’ so that he can stay safe even when you are not around. Keep second storey windows locked or shield them with secure screens so children can’t fall out. Remove chairs and pot plants that can be used to climb on.

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How can this be a bad thing? I’ll give you an example. Recently I met a woman in a dance class I was taking and I invited her to join me and some friends at a place where we go dancing on Thursday nights.
I was very careful (I thought) not to give her signs that I was romantically interested in her because I had the impression she was interested in me..